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A Passion for the Power of Data

A passion for the power of data anchors over 20 years worldwide experience in managing all aspect of utility data, through every phase of pre, in-process and post ERP implementation. We understand data but more importantly we understand our customers, and their unique requirements and hence provide processes/procedures that are tailored based on their needs and resources, or lack there of.

Our talent lies in transforming data in the most cost effective and minimalistic manner and to that effect we insist on engaging and educating, where possible, clients early on and throughout the data lifecycle and utilizing client’s existing/procured E-T-L software. Our goal is to empower clients to understand and take ownership of their own data.

Our team members deliver expert migration and integration services for SAP IS-U, CR&B, CCS data implementation. We serve an elite portfolio of UTILITIES companies in the ENERGY sector, as well as a broad spectrum of other consumer service industries who share significant ERP or CRM data requirements.

Our years of experience helps us play any and all roles, at any and all stages of the lifecycle, ranging from advisory/leadership to assisting business users in identifying and ensuring key data pieces are converted over to rolling up our sleeves with, or as, the technical team during the entire migration process (E-T-L) and once brought over we ensure all data related loose ends are completed and finally, once settled, we help define and build data profiles/monitoring dashboards.

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Tejas Shah
President and CEO

Meet The Power Behind Our Passion – Tejas Shah

Tejas Shah is one of the leading data migration/governance experts in the Utilities industry, with almost 20 years of experience working on CR&B projects worldwide. Mr. Shah holds a Bachelors with Honors in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering (Monash University, Clayton Campus, Melbourne, Australia).

A passion for unleashing the power of data anchors Transform Consulting’s conversion of Data from Legacy to SAP ISU CR&B. Here are just some of the many different aspects that comprise Mr. Shah’s  technical and project management efforts in coordinating client projects in the Data Migration Process.

Functional & Technical Experience
•ISU CR&B Data Techno-Functional Architect
•ISU CR&B Data Migration
•Inter-company Data Exchange (IDE)
•SAP Development such as workflows, forms and reports

Among the many, his key roles also include; solution architect, designing and implementing overall data migration strategy, bringing together/educating and leading client data stewards towards establishing and executing data migration and governance process/procedures. Below are a sampling of some of the responsibilities that span the various stages of Data Life Cycle Management process.

Client Advisory & Data Governance
•Communications to cleanse key data pieces
•Implementing cleansing strategy
•Identifying key data gaps
•Establishing systems of records
•Capturing and sharing centralized repository.
•Enforcing the ISU data model.

Client Advisory & Data Governance often begins with establishing data stewardship/ownership among departments. A critical component is dismantling silos among departments and ensuring entire process from cleansing, data loads, validation and reconciliation for successful data migration, ensuring client functional requirements and all operational/critical data is converted to the appropriate areas to meet regulatory/business requirements.

Data Migration Blueprinting Phase
•Educating clients on conversion methodology and ISU Data model
•Negotiating client expectations to achieve key goals
•Establishing data cleansing process, via data quality assessment
•Establishing data governance and identifying key stakeholders

Important in the Data Migration Blueprint is maintaining all aspects of data conversion over the course of the project, driving defining roles and responsibilities. Capturing and documenting key data pieces, system of record, gap/issues/concerns & best way/place to cleanse them.

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