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ERP Consulting & SAP IS-U/CR&B Data Implementation

A passion for the power of data anchors over 20 years of worldwide experience in managing all aspects of UTILITES data migration. Our expert consulting services provide a guided data journey and partnered SAP IS-U / CR&B implementation process through every stage the ERP data lifecycle. We help clients transform their data systems by leveraging both data governance and advanced analytics assessment to unleash the power of valuable data assets.


Consulting Services

Throughout all stages of the Data Management Lifecycle (DLM), our Expert Data Assessment and Process Advisory Services help ensure your data migration projects consider, consolidate, and care for the necessary data standards required for the seamless delivery of business ready data.Our goal is to ensure that all of your valuable Data Assets and their enterprise data processes have the proper resource allocation and focused technical attention required in the Pre, In Process, and Post ERP implementation life cycle.

The Transform Consulting teams work diligently to educate client data stewards how to execute complex data migration and establish effective data governance to reduce costly delays and potential budget overruns.

Data Process Advisory – Assists key client team members (leadership/management) to better understand data lifecycle management and how best to mitigate the inherent risks associated with data integration as part of the overall ERP implementation process.

Data Quality Assessment – Helps define key data points, system of record and responsible businesses, and provides a comprehensive understanding of the build process/procedure and direct client resources driven implementation.


Data Implementation

Our extensive experience with SAP IS-U data implementation provides our clients with the partnered technical assistance desired in all aspects of an E.T.L. (Extract – Transform –Load) data migration process. Transform Consulting teams are very adept in defining client specific business requirements, and often identify key data gaps and more importantly can identify and remove “unnecessary” systems data.

Our team members occupy techno–functional roles throughout the implementation life cycle, and are flexible enough to perform various data roles including;

Data Advisor/Lead  – Managing data migration process from end to end. Reporting to leadership on day to day status/needs and highlight upcoming challenges, resources and requirements.

Data Migration Lead  – Technical architect in charge of designing the end to end process from extracting to transforming and finally converting data into SAP.

Developers (Extraction/Transformation) –  Assist client short on resources to extract, data from current CIS systems, and transform it in SAP tool Business Object Data Services (BODS).

Developers (Data Migrators) – Develop and maintain data mapping. Configure/develop/customize SAP provided
tools such as EMIGALL, LSMW and BDC to migrate and reconcile data into SAP.


Staffing / Resources

Transform Consulting provides clients with the on demand, top tier, technical talent required for complex SAP DATA integration projects. Our direct industry knowledge in the UTILITES sector and demonstrated expertise in the ERP & SAP space, helps us to identify and recruit key individuals/teams critical to fulfilling even the most challenging project requirements.

Our Staffing Solutions team can facilitate Onsite Resources and Remote Support for all stages of SAP IS-U / CCS / CR&B Implementation throughout the United States and Internationally (I18N).


Governance and Analytics

Governance – We share a holistic approach to Data Governance that begins in the early consulting and data assessment process and weaves it way through the full implementation process to identify meaning procedures and data standards to ensure the business data continuity in the availability, integrity and security of all enterprise data.

That said, often times once the formal policies and structure are in place, adherence to data protocols evolves into day to day date operations that insure that the new data and its sources do not become subject to degradation and/or loss.Upon successfully data migration, pragmatic samples of ongoing data governance (DG) include the following;

Manual Data Input to ensure the data is up to date in all departments. This could be due to number of reasons such as; migration errors, shutdown periods, or even by design.

Data Exceptions often necessitate addressing day to day data issues during the initial days,weeks, and months after the initial project has Go-Live status. This requires developing client specific queries to identify and quickly allocate resources to address these issues.

Advanced Analytics tools are a very important, often overlooked, but a growing aspect of the SAP Data Implementation process. Our team will help you leverage powerful tools such as SAP Information Steward to perform comprehensive data profiling and metadata management. With your new business ready data at your fingertips, why not leverage our advanced analytics services to identify unknown opportunities that deliver data driven improvements to your overall operations and bottom line.


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